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Do you wish to expand your business or merchandise to the diverse world of online shops? Being a part of the likes of Ajio and Myntra will not only increase your brand awareness but will certainly lead to massive sales and growth in revenue. Here we are covering how a retailer can enlist and get started on these platforms, that means, from setting up an account on these platforms to accessing the seller portal.

Getting Started: Understanding the Ecommerce Landscape

In discussing the nuances of opening Ajio and Myntra sellers’ entrance, let’s pause for a moment and shed light on why e-commerce service providers are essential. These platforms act as middlemen between sellers and customers, thus, building an e-commerce store which incorporates all convenient online transactions. Ajio and Myntra acts as a bridge between vendors and a client base when it comes to the ecommerce business model. It facilitates easy access to potential buyers through its extensive customer base and a platform to showcase and sell the products.

Ajio Seller Portal: Step-by-Step Guide

Reliance Retail through its subsidiary Ajio is one of India’s leading online fashion retail brands that sells a varied wardrobe of clothing, footwear and accessories. Joining Ajio as an online seller will not only widen its operation net, but also augment sales. Here’s how you can register as a seller on Ajio:

Registering as a seller on Ajio is simple with these steps:

  • Speak to our partner onboarding team: Contact us directly at our customer service, who will be happy to provide guidance to you every step of the way. As soon as information about your business will be filled through our website, you will be contacted within no time.
  • Catalogue your products: Advertise your products in front of millions of shoppers via our our catalogue list. Their user-friendly interface cuts the process of making products available for your buyers into a breeze.
  • Process your orders for shipping: Start your store the way as your products are listed: Process orders for shipping. Tighten all your packages and wait for them to be picked by our cooperative partners who are convenient. Fast and Reliable delivery is one of our strengths which we never waste.
  • Get paid for your orders: You enjoy easy transactions on your bank account hassle free with direct credits. Our safe payment is guaranteed to process only in time and with security, providing a firm customer care.

Documents Required for AJIO Seller Registration

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • GST Details
  • Trademark Registry OR Brand Authorization (Retailer/Distributor certificate)
  • Logo if any

Join Ajio today to experience the convenience of selling online and connect with millions of shoppers nationwide!

Myntra Seller Portal: How to Get Started

Registering as a seller on Myntra is simple with these steps:

If you want to register your business as a seller on Myntra, you need to create an account. To create a seller account, do the following.

  • Go to Myntra partner details page.
  • Click the “Register Now” button on the menu bar
  • Enter your mobile number and confirm it.
  • Enter your email address and verify it with the OTP
  • Set a password
  • Press Submit
  • Then use these details to login to your Myntra Seller Account

Complete the process by filling the required details.You will receive a response from the Myntra team once the application is evaluated. If your business meets the parameters set by Myntra for sellers, you will be contacted with the next steps. You will also get access to the Myntra partner university to get all the information you need to complete the admission process. Once you have Myntra seller login details, you can start managing your products.

Documents Required for Myntra seller registration

Here are the documents and information you need to complete the Myntra seller registration process:

  • PAN Card, GSTN Certificate, Cancelled Cheque
  • Authorised Signatory Signature Copy
  • Original Trademark Certificate or Authorisation Letter
  • NOC on brand owner’s letterhead
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Myntra’s seller policy?

As a registered Seller, you must post item(s) for sale on the Platform in compliance with the policies outlined in this TOU. You must be legally able to sell the item(s) you post for sale on our Platform, as well as possess all needed licenses and permits.

2. Who is qualified to sell through AJIO Commerce?

Everyone in India who sells authentic products is welcome, as is any authorized producer or distributor. To publish products for sale on AJIO Commerce, you must be legally capable and have the necessary licenses, certificates, permissions, and permits.

3. What products can I offer on AJIO Commerce?

AJIO Commerce allows you to sell a wide range of products in the Fashion and Lifestyle area. Fashion, Footwear, Home, Kitchen & Furniture, Luggage, Beauty, Health & Hygiene, Home Improvement, and Indian Crafts.

4. What can I do with advertising in order to increase the sales or view of my product?

Improve your product visibility and sales by ensuring accurate product descriptions, clear images, reasonable price, and efficient clients’ service are provided.

5. What support and resources are available for sellers on Ajio and Myntra?

The sellers will have the access to a help desk support team, training materials, and self-help service tool like Ajio and Myntra.


E-commerce service providers like Seller Seva on Ajio and Myntra can turn out to be the best way to develop a business that not only targets the online audience but also seeks to reach out and widen its customer base. Having completed the simple registration process, as well as making use of the seller portals’ capabilities, you can represent all your products in a presentable and easy-to-find way, attract customers, and generate your profit on the most popular e-commerce platforms. Start your career as an online retailing agent with Ajio and Myntra today and unleash the vast opportunities of online retail.

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