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Myntra is the largest e-commerce store in India for fashion and lifestyle products. Which connects seller and buyer on its platform which works on B2C model. Anyone can become Myntra Seller who is either manufacturing or retailer in any category.

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Myntra Seller Registration Services

Myntra seller registration services play an important role in empowering fashion brands in the digital landscape. Through its Myntra Rising STARS program, brands can easily join the platform and unlock growth opportunities. The registration process involves writing a brand name, carefully listing and labelling products, and choosing the right fulfilment model. Companies receive on-time payments and personalized support throughout their journey. Myntra’s collaborative approach ensures that brands can focus on their core competencies by leveraging the platform’s wide range and customer base.

Myntra Registration Process

The Myntra registration process is designed to help fashion brands join the platform seamlessly and unlock growth opportunities. Brands start by registering on myntra partner portal and providing the necessary information. Once approved, brands list their products following Myntra guidelines. High-quality images and accurate descriptions are essential. Brands can choose their preferred fulfilment model – manage the storage and do the packing themselves or rely on Myntra’s logistics services. Myntra ensures timely payments to brands based on pre-defined cycles. Throughout the journey, Myntra provides personalized support, insights, and data-driven guidance to help brands succeed. By simplifying this process, Myntra empowers brands to focus on their core business while leveraging the platform’s wide range and customer base.

Why Choose Seller Seva for Myntra Seller Registration

Seller Seva, a prominent service provider, offers Myntra seller services that empower fashion brands to thrive in the digital landscape. Their comprehensive approach ensures a hassle-free entry into Myntra’s platform. We specializes in Myntra’s registration process, guiding brands through each step. They help with necessary documents, including PAN cards, GST certificates, and cancelled checks. Seller Seva ensures brand alignment with Myntra’s standards, emphasizing quality. They assist in creating compelling product listings with high-quality images and accurate descriptions. Efficient stock management prevents overselling and ensures a seamless shopping experience. Seller Seva streamlines order processing and timely fulfilment. Monitor earnings and transaction history through the seller dashboard.

Documents Required for Myntra Seller Registration

You will need to provide specific documentation during the registration process. Your business Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is necessary for your identity and taxation purposes. Your Goods and Services Tax Number (GSTN) certificate as it ensures tax compliance. You must submit a cancelled check from your current bank account for the payment to be made. Signature of person authorized to perform official duties. If you are a brand owner, provide an original trademark certificate or letter of authorization on your brand application.

Our Myntra Account Management Service

Seller Account Setup

Our platform presents a person-friendly interface in which dealers can effortlessly sign in, upload product records, and manage their inventory. With a focal point on efficiency and comfort, we provide complete steerage all through the setup process, ensuring sellers recognize the requirements and maximize the capability of their presence on Myntra.

Product Photoshoot

We will help you with product photoshoot for your Myntra account to ensure high quality images that capture product details, such as the fabric texture and accurate colours. Focus on  well-lit and clear images, and in line with Myntra aesthetic standards, emphasize key features to attract potential buyers.

Product Listings

Once your account is approved, we list your products on Myntra seller account, ensure that each product is accurately described with high-quality images, detailed information and competitive pricing. Use keywords to make the search more visible and attract potential customers. Update inventory regularly to reflect inventory changes and ensure customer satisfaction.

Brand Promotion

In the world of Myntra dealer account setup, logo merchandising emerges as a cornerstone for using visibility and sales increase. We helps you to install strategic advertising initiatives to elevate the brand presence and appeal to target audiences. This entails crafting compelling product descriptions, fascinating imagery, and attractive promotional campaigns.

Warehouse Services

We also offers warehouse services which play a pivotal position in Myntra dealer account setup, making sure green inventory control. Sellers leverage warehouses to keep, prepare, and satisfy orders seamlessly. These centres serve as hubs for inventory garages, permitting dealers to streamline operations and meet purchaser demands right away.

Account Management

It begins with growing a complete profile, such as accurate enterprise statistics and product info. We help you to control stock successfully, updating inventory tiers and product facts frequently to maintain relevance and keep away from overselling. We make pricing strategies, demand steady evaluation to live aggressively in the dynamic marketplace.

Myntra Seller Registration

  • Business registration on Myntra
  • List Products on Myntra
  • Manage Myntra Dashboard
  • Shipping By Myntra

Documents Required

  • GST Number
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • Letter of Authorizationtem
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Digital Signature Com stamp
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • A Current account in a bank

How to Grow Sales on Myntra by 10X ?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required to sell on Myntra ? Can I register if I do not have a GST/GSTIN number? If you have a PAN card, you can register as a seller, but you will only be eligible to sell in tax exempted categories

Becoming a Myntra Seller is free and the seller registration process takes only a few minutes.

Step 1: Go to Myntra seller registration.
Step 2: Provide your name, phone, email and choose a password for the account.
Step 3: Complete the email verification process.
Step 4: Complete the mobile number verification process.

  1. Myntra will verify the authority letter with the authorised distributor or brand.
  2. In few cases, Myntra  may ask the seller to produce additional documents or details like- a) Product/Packaging sample images. …
  3. In few cases, Myntra may measure quality/customer service parameters of the brand/distributor.

After registration is done, merchants are responsible for shipping products. The seller’s repayment will be done in 15 days. The amount will be transferred to the seller’s registered account number after deducting the commission from it.




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Sahil Arora

Seller Seva’s expertise in handling my men's fashion store on Myntra was impressive. Their strategic approach resulted in higher sales and better brand recognition.


Seller Seva helped my sustainable fashion brand gain traction on Myntra. Their comprehensive services, from SEO to marketing, led to a substantial increase in visibility and sales.

Gargi Rani

Seller Seva revolutionized my ethnic wear brand on Myntra. Their marketing strategies and product optimization resulted in a remarkable sales increase and enhanced brand visibility.

Bigreams International

  Partnering with Seller Seva for my online business was the best decision. Their comprehensive services and marketing strategies boosted my sales significantly.

Aditi Saxena

My handmade crafts gained immense popularity on Amazon thanks to Seller Seva team. Their support and strategies are amazing.

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